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Harm Reduction
The Touch of Hope Foundation (THF) strongly believes and is deeply committed to public health and human rights. THF strives to reduce harmful consequences associated with various human behaviors. THF NE Initiative works with IDUS and Harm Reduction is one of the major components of our care and support services.

Harm Reduction program for IDUS is one of the major component of THF North East India HIV initiative project in Churachandpur Manipur. Harm Reduction services reduces HIV infection in IDUS and also social harms associated with drug use. THF seeks to lessen the problems associated with drug use and provide strategies to prevent the spread of HIV and endeavors to protect health, dignity, humanity and human rights of people who use drugs. The number of IDUS clients with HIV co-infection registered at the center till today is 800 of which 785 are male and 15 female drug users. The Harm reduction services provided at the THF Harm Reduction programs are Drop In Center (DIC) facilities where the clients come and relax and mingle with their peers and they access the healthcare services provided at the Center. Dressing of injection abscess for 180 and minor procedure such as incision and drainage are conducted. Support group meetings, which are held specifically for IDUS with HIV 30 clients per support group meet and over 270 IDUS have attended the meetings which are held for18 times till date.THF provide Drop in Center - DIC services, where services for drugs users especially those with injection abscess were treated, I&D and dressing of abscess and free medical care, counseling, space to interact with peers is provided. In last three years the number of IDUS who attended the care service at the DIC for dressing are 180 case of abscess, 1500 number of attendance at the DIC medical care services. 580 attend Support group meeting of IDUS and drug users with HIV at the DIC. The Harm reduction services provided are NSEP, running Drop in Centers (DIC), Education on oral substitution therapy (OST), drug awareness, HIV prevention, Hepatitis C education and advocacy. The program also has excellent referral systems with government healthcare services for buprenorphine (OST) programs. 

THF is actively involved in harm reduction initiatives, capacity building of organizations involved in providing services for drug users, HIV care. THF Founder President authored the Standard Operating Procedures for UNODC and approved by NACO in India: