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Abundant Life
THF Abundant Life Projects work with affected community with an aspire to generate income, financial support, build a sense of security, provide better quality of life, generate hope, create an opportunity to restore dignity and live an abundant life.

THF Abundant Life Projects are humanitarian projects designed to generate hope and abundant life to the people we serve. We offer an opportunity to better their lives, empower them and make them self-reliant. The Abundant Life Project is a livelihood, Income generation project (IGP) project to enable the poor and those in extreme need, HIVAIDS infected, affected family members, AIDS widows. The project will assist them to combine their domestic responsibilities with income generation. THF promote livelihoods and entrepreneurial initiatives and help by setting up support systems to market the products and set up shops and purchase local handloom and handicraft products, vegetables and food items and other products from the community. The enrolled members will generate an increase and better financial health, build their confidence, enhanced business skills and enable each of them to achieve their goals and aspirations. The current Abundant Life Projects are:

THF Micro-finance: The foundation’s microcredit program involves provision of small loans between Rs.2000 to Rs.15000 provided to individuals and cooperatives; self help groups without any collateral at subsidized and low rates of interest. The microcredit and finance will be provided to both urban dwellers and those living in the hard-to-reach rural areas where The Touch of Hope Foundation operates. Microcredit and basic business training enable individuals to build small businesses, which motivate and empower them and provided a way to break free from the shackles of extreme poverty. The rise and increased in income give the clients to receive better care of themselves such as regular nutritious food, improved housing and support for education of their children and lead better lives.

THF Micro-enterprise: THF support small micro businesses from start-ups focused particularly with microenterprises ventures operated by women. The THF proposed to support represent a wide array of businesses such as agriculture-based ventures like providing pumps and kits for irrigation, cows for milk production, bees for honey, grain preparation and trading. Commercial ventures such as bakery, handloom and handicrafts, cooking stoves, small grocery shops, market stalls and transport services. THF will ensure the proper training of the borrowers to increase their business skills and assist them to run their own business by selling their products to generate income and opportunity to fulfill their dreams. The community members will be encourage to produce a range of goods such as hand embroidered scarves, bags, T-shirts, cushion covers, jewelry, and clothing for men, women and children which will be marketed through various means and outlets.

Dairy: THF will provide micro loan or in kind - a milch cow to members of affected family. According to the capacity and capability of the family and the availability of funds a support of more that one cow can be considered for a family. The self-help groups and community members will help in selling of milk and its products.

Farm Product: THF will lobby and collaborate with farm owners where a special subsidized farm products at wholesale rates or lower will be provided to women enrolled under the THF Abundant Life Farm Project and market the products at local bazar, markets and selling them form house to house. The farm products such as chilies, brinjals, ladyfingers, gourds, beans, onions, lemons, pineapple, passion fruits and other vegetables will be part of the project.

Handloom and Handicrafts: THF encourages, engages and recruits women with basic weaving skills and those with experience in handloom and handicrafts production and to embark producing designer cloths and other materials for sale. THF will invest in getting materials for production and will provide them to registered workers who will work on the production of the goods. The foundation will the pay them the cost of labor at par with the local market rates and will market the products through various outlets which will then be reinvested to help more people received an opportunity to generate income.

Piggery: THF provide micro loans and in kind support in the form of piglets for piggery farming. The potential recipients of loans and those with experience and in confidence of running a small piggery farms will be provided the loan to help purchase piglets, cost to erect an enclosure for the pigs and feeds for a initial few start up months. A co-operative of women groups may be provided piglets to run piggery farms as a joint venture. The foundation will charge minimal interest at the year-end and will recover the cost of the piglet and pass on the opportunity to another client to rear pigs and continue the chain of income generation while gradually expanding the number of people provided assistance.

Self Help Groups: THF works with the people we serve and the poor by establishing self-help groups. The members of THF self help groups meet on a bi-weekly and monthly basis and are self manage by its members. Each group member contributes a small pre-determined amount of saving at each of the meetings. The pooled savings are then secure to provided an opportunity for the group members to avail loans with minimal interest from the internal lending pool. THF make available loans only to groups and not to individuals currently to address accountability and to ensure successful repayment of loans that will build confidence, self-reliance and since of achievement and empowerment amongst the team members. Give us your support, fund a project or help us create newer ideas to generate job, incomes for the poor and the needy we daily serve. We need your creativity, suggestions and support to make life more beautiful and worth living.