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Hope Alive
THF Hope Alive envisioned, seeks and creates innovative ideas and fun approaches to the art of living. Hope Alive is an arena, a platform where fertile ideas and successful experiences shared to help keep HOPE alive.

THF Hope Alive: Hope Alive project seeks to create innovative ideas and fun approaches to the art of living for all - especially serving older children, youth, and young adults to keep their Hope Alive by offering them career guidance build up their potential and seek means and ways to address their concern regarding health, career and provide counseling, provide hard to get development and educational books and materials for self and career development. The project will also focus on positive living education for adults and provide exchange of experience and engage speakers to help manage thoughts, stress management training, meditation, through breathing exercises, yoga and relaxation techniques. Give us your creative positive ideas, or donate career development guidance books, self improvement books, DVD, CDs, tapes, if conduct art of positive living course, run yoga classes or meditation and breathing techniques, or conduct any activity to make one feel Alive