We provide comprehensive

compassionate holistic care and

support to people in most need

Healthcare Services
The Touch of Hope Foundation (THF) strength lie the family of caring compassionate highly qualified doctors and healthcare professionals, volunteers who believe in providing efficient, effective and high impact healthcare services.

The Touch of Hope Foundation strength lies in the family of caring compassionate highly qualified doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals, technical professionals committedly involved for over decades in providing healthcare services, conducting research and trainings. We seek your support and contribution to our better and expand our services and programs. You can sponsor an activity, fund a research and support a training program or volunteer with us. Let us together save lives, bring smiles and restore hope and dignity.

Write to us for more information, to partner and collaborate and to support our healthcare, research and training Projects: info@touchofhopefoundation.org

Healthcare Services:

The Touch of Hope Foundation provides comprehensive Healthcare services focused on HIVAIDS, infectious diseases, general medical care and support services. The HIV treatment and care services include counseling, prevention and awareness education, consultations, opportunistic infection treatment and management, ART preparedness on an outpatient basis. The project is designed and strategized not only meet the crucial need for the community but add value to existing government ART centers. We deliver Continuum of Comprehensive Care and Support Services in close partnership with patient and their families. Our services are person focused to address holistic treatment using the 6 a approach -– Assess, Advise, Agree, Assist, Arrange and Assure. All our patients have access to mobile phone numbers of our care providers for emergency consultations to assure success and continuity of care.

Project Site: Churachandpur, New Delhi, Gurgaon

States: Manipur | Delhi | Haryana

Clients Serve: 1000 Currently

Programs and Activities:

  • ART Treatment Preparedness Education: Regular education courses on HIV disease management, ART drugs and side effects, importance of adherence and positive living through seminars, workshops, support group meetings and outreach to the communities.
  • Center of Hope: A primary care set up where healthcare services are provided at a one-stop shop. Medical care and management, medical consultations, pharmacy services and basic laboratory testing services are available. We also make space for deliver DIC (Drop in Center) service for special groups. The Center of Hope is committed to Wellness as a Whole.
  • Community HIV Awareness, Testing and Condom Promotion: Provide HIV education and awareness among youth focusing on high-risk behaviors, safe sex, importance of HIV testing and distribution of condom.
  • E- Health : We offers e-health consultations support for those who are in need of healthcare treatment advice and recommendations or follow up advice. Anyone with medical problem can access this service and our existing patients can access health experts and HIV treatment professionals from various part of the world who are THF partners.
  • Harm Reduction Services: We provide basic harm reduction services at the Center of Hope to reduce high-risk behavior and HIV infection amongst IDUS. THF promote harm reduction services such as needle exchange for drug users, free condom distribution and IEC in the community. We exploring opportunity to collaborate with established harm reduction organizations and expand services our services such as NSEP, operated multi-center Drop in Centers, Oral Substitution Therapy, drug overdose prevention, HIV and Hepatitis C prevention education and general advocacy.
  • HIV Training, Capacity and Skills Building: We Conduct tailored training courses on basic HIVAIDS, ART treatment protocols, side effects management, basic nursing care, home based care and positive living. Training workshops for NGO, CBO healthcare workers are conducted on a regular basis.
  • HIVAIDS Healthcare: Provide Comprehensive Care and Support for people living with HIVAIDS. HIV disease management, Opportunities Infection treatment and care. Psychosocial support, counseling, ART treatment support, Consultations, Referrals.
  • Health Task Force: We believe in creating a force of highly committed, professionally excellent healthcare service providers who handle general medical treatment services and emergency care services. The health task force service providers handle emergency medical, psychosocial and home base care support services.
  • Home Based Care: Provide basic healthcare services at the patients own home.The home based care strive to restore, maintain maximum level of comfort, function and health including education on basic HIV Care, nursing care, psychological support and palliative care. Nurses and well-trained community health workers provide the services.
  • Infectious Disease Services: Provide treatment for co-infections HIV-TB, Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted infections. We partnered and collaborate with Yellow Clinic, NGOs, and CBOs to diagnose, treat, educate and create awareness on Stop TB, Hepatitis C and other diseases in the community.
  • Outreach Services: We conduct outreach to vulnerable and marginalized groups. The activities include HIVAIDS awareness, prevention education and provision of basic services to patients who do have easy access to crucial life saving services easily or independently. The outreach visits are made to ART centers, hospitals, areas where sex workers operate, IDUS hang out spots, as health and social services are unavailable in such areas. We help diagnose basic illness, provide syndromic STI treatments, distribution of information leaflets, condoms and referrals.
  • Positive Link Project: Positive link project established networks and linkages with PLHAs, services providers, hospitals, NGOs, Positive networks and excellent referral services.
  • Referral Services: We provide excellent referral services, connect clients with special needs to specialize care providers, other organizations providing relief, food and nutrition, childcare, women and children home, educational, vocational centers, care homes, rehabilitation and other services providers for wholeness.
  • Support Groups: We organize support group meetings to provide a platform for patients to address both emotional and practical support. Various complex health and treatment issues, positive living and other informative experiences for better living and way of life are discussed.
  • Women Alive Project: An exclusive program to address specific health, social and other issues face by women in the community. Special medical services and other programs design to improve and enhance skill and capacity of Women living with HIVAIDS.