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The Touch of Hope Foundation (THF) has initiated Fight4Hope to raise awareness on HIV, Hepatitis C, TB and other diseases, which continue to scourge the public. THF collaborated with Freak Fighters Wrestlers and will work with other likeminded organization whose mission included eradication of social health ailments.

The Touch of Hope Foundation (THF) has initiated Fight4Hope to raise HIV awareness and to fight HIV related Stigma, which is today the major cause of HIV globally. THF has partnered with New Delhi’s Freak Fighters Wrestling group and will organise several competition under the THF initiative Fight 4 Hope.  THF is also in dialogue with Mary Kom Boxing Foundation for collaboration. The initiative endeavors to bring increase awareness of HIV and AIDS, support for people living with the disease, reduce stigma and discrimination, and restore dignity and hope. The epidemic of HIV is a global scourge that takes away lives and livelihood of productive people across the world.  It has been estimated that 2.5 million in India are infected with HIV. The deadly virus continues to spread unceasingly and maintains an alarming high velocity. It has been reported that death rate from AIDS in India has increased from around 18,700 three years ago to 300,000 in 2011. In the first quarter of last year there were approximately 82,000 new infections in India. However accurate these reports are there is no refuting the fact that HIV and AIDS is one of the greatest threats of our time. Our collective effort to prevent, treat HIV and to work closely with those infected and the affected members of their families continues to be the most urgent need.

Learn more about THF Fight4Hope and for partnerships and collaboration contact us at: info@touchofhopefoundation.org