We provide comprehensive

compassionate holistic care and

support to people in most need

HIV Care Services
THF HIV Healthcare Services provide high quality Holistic, continuum of clinical care and social support services for those infected and affected by HIV.
THF HIV Healthcare Services provide high quality Continuum of Comprehensive Care and support, Education and Prevention Services, ensure adherence and treatment success to improved quality of life for people with HIV. THF managed highly complex HIV and AIDS Services in the North Eastern state of Manipur with strategic plans to expand and scale up its professional services to other states of India. THF currently operates Continuum of Comprehensive Care and Support services for people living with HIV and AIDS – Currently serving over 1000 patients and reached out to over 3000 family members of PLHAs, in Lamka town, Churachandpur. The AIDS awareness campaign has reach out to over 250,000 people. THF operates the Center of Hope Clinic for medical treatment, HIV Testing, Counseling, Support Groups meetings, home based care and support. THF HIV community outreach, networking and linkages, ART treatment preparedness, HIV awareness training and health education on HIV, ART, basic nursing care, hygiene, nutrition, harm reduction  STI and general nursing care for staff and families of infected and affected, healthcare workers. THF in partnership with donors, other organizations will scale up services at the current site and expand to other sites within the state and to other states in the region such as Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam in the North East and Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan.