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Sustaining Hope
Sustaining Hope is a Social Entrepreneurship project of the foundation, which strives to bring about community advancement of social enterprises. The Sustaining Hope aim to achieve sustainable social support and generate high impact solutions to the community to ensure and provide a better future.

THF Sustaining Hope: Sustaining Hope is a Social Entrepreneurship project of the foundation advocates for the advancement of social enterprises that are capable of achieving sustainable social impact. We define social entrepreneurship as innovative, social value creating activity that can occur within or across various sectors, including non-profit, business and government. The primary objective of social entrepreneurs is to use business and or organizational skills to create social value and sustainable social impact through the innovation for those we serve and will be serving in the community where we work. THF "Sustaining Hope Project " is established to build partnership with like-minded social impact investors, institutions and other key stakeholders to provide capacity building, technical support and access to financing for new and existing social enterprises, including those related to health services and sustainable agriculture, that are run by women and population at the bottom of the economic pyramid.