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Hope Unlimited
THF Hope Unlimited Productions is the foundation's creative and innovative media production division. Hope Unlimited Productions hopes to create short films, documentaries and public services announcements, animations based on themes that will bring a difference, changes and hope.

Hope Unlimited Productions: The Hope Unlimited Productions is the foundation’s creative and innovative media production division, which aims at creative and innovative ideas that will bring newer ideas to address critical issues in an exceptionally simple and informative way. The Hope Unlimited productions will work in close collaboration Media Track in Mumbai and in New Delhi with Baanyan Tree Productions and Soumya Productions; all of which are creative and up coming production houses with varied multiple years of experience in the field. Hope Unlimited will address variety of issues, social, medical, general healthcare, HIVAIDS, community, orphans and vulnerable children, stigmatized, marginalized groups, most at risk people and the underserved and unserved communities. The project will work on various public service announcements (PSA), music videos, educational clips and short inspiring videos, which will help bring out true stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary selfless work for the betterment of the society. The Hope Unlimited Productions will collaborate with various film production houses to make short films, documentaries to bring life, motivate and restore hope.