We provide comprehensive

compassionate holistic care and

support to people in most need

THF Vocational Training project collaborates and network with agencies and organizations to provide and developed vocational skills to empower, enable people to a secure and sustainable future.

Vocational Training: Vocational Training project collaborates and network with agencies, institutes and organizations that provide various vocational skill training courses to build and developed skills to enable people to a have a secure sustainable future. The Vocational Training activities are for specific career or trade and will focus on practical applications of skills learned which does not need traditional academic qualification as most of people we serve and are in need of such trainings are uneducated and therefore unemployed. THF plans vocational training on a broad range of hands on training of skills such as hair cutting, beautician training, tailoring, sewing, embroidery, motorcar and motorbike mechanics, driving, weaving, knitting, welding, computer skills. Skilled and trained students could be provided references, linkage with established industry to help them start their own business. A micro loan from THF would be provided where feasible to help start their new enterprise. Lets share responsibility and use THF Vocational Training project help build skills that will make people independent and take control of their own future. Our future and their future are in our hands. Send your support and information and if you would like to sponsor or mentor someone build their skills to be independent share that with us. Give your time, your skills and transfer it to someone who can change someone’s life for the better.