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Women Alive
THF Women Alive program is established for women infected and affected by HIV and for women with extreme social needs. Women Alive is a place with a safe environment where they share life experiences, motivate each other and nurture better understanding to needs, which are specific for women.

THF Women Alive program is established for women infected and affected by HIVAIDS and for women with extreme social support needs. Women Alive center is dedicated safe place where women can come together to greet and meet, to hangout, get support and experience a sense of community. A special meeting place for women to connect and share common issues faced by them at work and at home. The programs at the Women Alive included access to the comprehensive continuum of care for HIVAIDS and a variety of professional services, peer support groups and social events. Women Alive services include diagnosis and treatment of STI, HIVAIDS care and support, ART, prevention and awareness education and linkages with women groups and networks. A special program for pregnant women, support programs for mothers, positive life, meditation, prayers, group discussions, self help group meetings conducted in a friendly atmosphere. Community peer educators are available to provide additional support, counseling and assist in addressing social and family concerns. A lady doctor is available on days when support group meetings are conducted to provide medical assistance and examinations. We welcome support for Women Alive - your contribution, your donations, suggestions will help make a great difference, save lives and empowered women.