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The Touch of Hope Foundation together with International Confederation of NGOs launched the initiative to reach out to a country where films are loved and is a part of the one billion plus families. The initiative will fight social stigma and discrimination and create healthier family and community.

The Touch of Hope Foundation together with International Confederation of NGOs join hands to initiate and established ‘ThinkinPositive4Hope. An innovative novel approach campaign to bring about how positive thoughts and positive thinking can lead to awareness, enlightenment on crucial issues. Thinkinpositve4Hope will revive efforts to increase Positive awareness and that even a small step taken in that effect will ensure dignity to those without hope. It also will help ease out some pain from their lives. The initiative will address varied agendas regarding HIVAIDS through the medium that Indians know and love best - films, movies, as well as through other social media networks.

The ThinkinPositive4Hope is: 

A positive approach to bring positive thoughts and positive thinking.

A positive living campaign and workshops to increase cadre of caring citizens.

Aim to address and revive efforts to increase HIV awareness.

Aim to use the medium Indians of films, movies and other media for public awareness.

Aim to revive the withering aids awareness campaigns.

We will hold Conclaves and an Annual Conclave to focus on selected key topics. HIV epidemic, awareness, social issues, stigma and discrimination, innovative intervention methods and models. Promote and inculcate positive thinking, harmonization of varied services. Create a panel of stakeholders including well-known activists, educators, scientist, filmmakers, social workers and members of the community. Positive thinking, Positive living, hope building sessions, abundant life and living, means for livelihood. Causes discussion on topics such as child abuse, homosexuality, drug use, prevention and prophylaxis. Ideas to ensure dignity and restoration of hope for those infected and affected. Promote and conduct motivational and inspirational workshops. 

Film Making is an important component of the initiative; which will bring diverse group of people both professional and amateurs to an inspired space of Filmmaking. The process will encourage the participants to share their perspective on reduction of stigma and discrimination. The process and ultimate viewing will help encourage individuals to research, review and reform their own sensibilities. The different categories of the film will be under the following heads:

1. Documentaries (Professional and Amateur)

2. Short Films (5 minutes)

3. Public Service Announcement (PSA).

4. Animation Films (3-5 Minutes)

5. Music Videos.

Thinkin Positive Workshops will be organized in collaboration with positive minded companies, organizations which believe in the power of positive thinking, positive changes, positive living, those who endorse the principles, the values which we are so passionately involved in through our ThinkinPositive4hope initiative We are currently designing the format, modules on how best to bring out the power of positive thinking through our training workshops. We seek screening companies, organizations that are generous in their outlook to support the cause of Positive Changes and HIV. Corporates or agencies that share our principles, values and are passionate in what we aim to achieve through our initiative ThinkinPositive4hope, please contact us and together we make positive changes for hope.