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Support Groups
THF Daily Strength is a support group for people it serves. The patients and family we serve share and listen to personal and professional experiences. The support groups provide better understanding of life and are platform to establish social network and friendship.

THF Daily Strength is a support group for people it serves and their families to give and receive both emotional and practical support as well as to exchange information. People living with HIV facing multiple complex health conditions and treatment issues, as well as their friends and families find support groups access the support group meetings. There are three different support group meetings and a special group ART support is conducted for those on HIV medications to share their feelings, treatment experience, medical information, educate and gather strength and hope with each other.

General Support Group: This support group is extended to patients and their family and for all people living with HIVAIDS both on ART medications and those not yet on anti-retroviral medications. The participants’ can asked and share about a variety of issues faced by patients, their family members and provides topics for discussion, and other issues that provide holistic answers and solutions.

ART Adherence Support Group: This support group is extended only to people living with HIVAIDS who are on anti-retroviral drugs. The support group is needed so that the group can be at the same level of treatment education, share any history of drug allergies, side-effects and their experience of overcoming treatment challenges to support their peers and help maintain adherence to medications they are on to ensure treatment success.

Women Support Group: This is a support group for exclusively for women for there are certain specific issues and unique problems, which are shared by women who are HIV positive, which are difficult to be shared at general support group meetings. The women support groups at time have gynecologist or HIV treatment specialist as and when required.

Support a Support Group, THF supports clients attending the support groups providing them with minimal transportation cost, refreshment and educational handouts, honorarium cost of speakers or other specialist who bring their expertise on occasions at these support group meetings. A support group meeting for 30 clients cost approximately Rs.5000 or 100 USD and the outcome is life saving. Do donate, sponsor, contribute and pledge to support our Support groups.