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Hope Alive Award
The Touch of Hope Foundation instituted the Hope Alive Award to recognize an individual, individuals or organizations who toil daily to make the life of a fellow human being better and keep their hope in humanity strong and alive.

The Hope Alive Award instituted by The Touch of Hope Foundation to be presented to an individual or individuals who have dedicated valuable time to work for the welfare of the poor, people in most need, the underserved or unserved in the community. The Hope Alive – Compassionate Caring Services to Community award and the THF Karmaveer Purushkaar Award is instituted in collaboration with ICONGO. The award is to recognize and ensure that no people who demonstrated kindness and compassionate acts to better the physical, mental or spiritual well being by selflessly addressing the holistic needs of a person and the community, raising health awareness, sensitization of humanitarian issues, reduce stigmatization and discrimination due to various reasons, health status will not be left unsung, unrecognized, overlooked or ignored. The award recognize every effort made to upliftment of the weaker section of society especially for those living with HIVAIDS, those affected and their families, orphans and other vulnerable children through caring, concern and compassionately committed services and to those who have successfully demonstrated an exemplary services for a betterment of individuals and the community, those who raised the spirit, the morale, contribute to the restoration of health, dignity and build hope to inspire the creation of a model citizen and a caring and concerned community.  

THF Hope Alive Award’s vision is to inspire and motivate many more to go beyond their personal and professional lives and developed desire to seek, better understand the needs of people around them, instill loving-kindness, compassion and build a tribe of caring and concern people to give and keep Hope Alive. The Touch of Hope Foundation Hope Alive Award 2012 was held in conjunction with the Karmaveer Purushkaar Award Ceremony an initiative of ICONGO. Dr. Jagdish Harsh of HIVAtlas and Ms. Maruati of Gan Sabra are the recipients of the 2012 Hope Alive Award.  The Touch of Hope Foundation is founding member of ICONGO (International Confederation of NGOs) in New Delhi. The first Award Ceremony was held on the 27th November 2012.