We provide comprehensive

compassionate holistic care and

support to people in most need

THF believes in supporting students with genuine need and THF Scholarships are awarded to deserving talented students from the poorer section of the community and plays a crucial role in shaping a better person and a better community.

THF Scholarships plays a crucial role in the life of deserving talented students at High School or Universities. The project is to help students to stay in school and pay for certain admissions or purchase of set of books to enhance a student’s skill or provide for an opportunity to advance in studies. THF will seek and identify and provide Merit based annual sponsorship to meritorious underprivileged students. The Scholarship provides a predetermined grant and a recipient will receive the amount in two parts at the beginning of the year and by midyear.  The recipients will be selected based on excellence in academic performance and on financial poverty and need. What you can do to help? Sponsor a Scholarship for deserving, excellent students who are financially underprivileged and unable to afford admissions to higher classes or technical courses in University. You can support and donate in the name of someone you loved as a tribute or in memory of someone dear. Your generosity and your kindness, your contribution will help deserving students pursue an education and receive a career and offer them an opportunity help them continue to excel in class and secure excellent academic achievements to prepare and ensure the building of a foundation for responsible and compassionate citizen.