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Positive Lounges
THF Positive Lounge is a quite place where people meet, connect, laze around in warm and friendly environment.

THF Positive Lounge is a place where people meet, connect and laze around in warm and friendly environment. The Lounge offers a place for rest, work, be in peace and quite and access relevant information about the disease and be informed of the current treatments updates. The members will have access to edutainment, newspapers and magazines, access to Internet and refreshments, snacks, tea and coffee available during the hours of operation. The Lounge will also offer professional services of an HIV specialist, counselors on selected days for members to interact with and discuss concerns about their health, treatment plans in relax atmosphere. Positive Lounge will pride itself as a ‘cool one stop shop’ where comprehensive services for positive people and their families are available to meet their holistic needs. The lounge will offer basic HIV care, counseling, support group meetings, positive living courses, once a week yoga and meditation classes, spiritual discourse, career counseling, guidance apart from the fun filled activities, music and movies, guest lectures and special yet informal sessions for affected families an opportunity share their day-to-day experience dealing with HIV in their family and help them to better understand, relieve stress, encourages and empower. What you can do today! You can donate and give a gift in kind such as Sofa sets, TV, computer, Bookracks, books, magazines and subscriptions, Coffee maker and supplies for the Lounge. Volunteer at the kitchen, offer yoga class or medication and many more ways to show you care. You can help bring smiles that lighten up their lives.