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The Touch of Hope Foundation established partnership with Running and Living Infotainment Pvt. Ltd and likeminded organizations to make HIVAIDS awareness fun and a daily part of healthy living.

The Touch of Hope Foundation in partnership with Running and Living Infotainment Pvt. Ltd and supported by the South African High Commission in New Delhi and iCONGO – International Confederation of NGO’s provide organising running event AIDSRun4Hope. The AIDS Run 4 Hope is designed to generate awareness of HIV and AIDS and a show of support and solidarity to those living with HIV and their families.

The epidemic of HIV and AIDS is a global scourge that takes away the life and livelihood of productive people across the world. Approximately 2.5 million in India are infected. As is the norm with this deadly virus the infection continues to spread unceasingly and maintains an alarming high velocity. There is no refuting the fact that HIV and AIDS is one of the greatest threats of our time and that much work is yet to be done to continue in our collective effort to prevent, treat HIV and to work closely with those infected and the affected members of their families. It has been proven over time that running is an activity that unites, energises and gives people the optimism to fight and overcome life’s hurdles no matter how challenging. The partner’s intend to organize and host this event annually to spread good health, health awareness and help increase community awareness of the epidemic of HIV and it’s continued spread. The AIDS Run4Hope is an opportunity to reach out to all walks of life and generate awareness about HIV and caring for those infected and affected by the epidemic.  The AIDSRun4Hope promote health, healing and hope. We are confident that your enthusiastic support and involvement in the events of the initiative will result in creating positive changes bringing health, and hope.