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The Touch of Hope Foundation's initiative on research is, EpiCORP - Epidemiological Clinical and Operational Research Project (Epi-CORP) which focused on strengthening vulnerable communities and healthcare communities to conduct researches that will bring about results for change.

Epidemiological Clinical and Operational Research Project - Epi-CORP

Epidemiological Clinical and Operational Research Project (Epi-CORP) focused on strengthening vulnerable communities and empowering health faculties including pharmaceutical companies and public health decision-making bodies with information gathered through clinical and social research pertaining to various health issues. Epi-CORP's endeavors to make key connections between lifestyle and wellness, between disease and its effect on people’s lives, between treatment and outcome. Epi-CORP pursues a vigorous agenda of patient centered, population and practice-based research. Epi-CORP will be a catalyst that draw out the power of knowledge to impact positive social change in matters of health. We are passionate about bringing people together to use knowledge to provide real and innovative solutions to community needs. Our approach to research is participatory and action oriented. Infected and affected population, physicians, community members, vulnerable and marginalized groups such as MSM, IDUs, DU, Sex Workers, Migrants, Refugees and Women and Children, Community Organizations, Government Ministries, Social and Healthcare services, Educational institutions all collaborate with us and benefit from our professional work.

A Core team of researchers with years of experience in public health at national and international arena heads the EpiCORP. They are innovative, creative and insightful garnered through their long involvement in clinical and operational research. We have a strong network of community-based organizations across India and Asia. This highly trained group of professionals from medical and social scientists network enable the foundation to conduct community based research across the region transcending through all communities infected and affected by the HIV epidemic and other communicable diseases. Societies face diverse health challenges that require innovative solutions. EpiCORP's experienced multi-disciplinary team facilitates groups to find the right solutions using: evaluation, applied research, epidemiological analysis, training and community mobilization. Epi-CORP is committed to providing valued based services that extend beyond simple results; we impact positive change through our activities. We work within neighborhoods, rural areas and cities across India and in the Asia Pacific region. Epi-CORP expands to serve the community and bring high-end data and results to make a difference in programming, program management ad bring solutions to combat health related dismay and concerns.

Epi CORP Core Team:

Dr. Ashutosh Mishra is a public health specialist with a medical degree from India. He holds an MPH degree in Epidemiology from the University of Sheffield, UK and an MS in Epidemiology from Columbia University, New York. He worked in various organizations including Engenderhealth as program officer for the Global RESPOND Project - No-Scalpel Vasectomy in Uttar Pradesh, India. He worked at AHF India Cares, as State Program Coordinator, Assam. He is keen and interested in descriptive and analytical epidemiology and mathematical modeling. He is certified in conducting basic and advanced data analysis using SPSS and SAS from Sambodhi Research and Communication Private Ltd., New Delhi and conduct Meta analysis using Review Manager. He has sound knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research. He is experienced in conducting critical appraisal of case control, cohort, cross sectional studies, and clinical trials. He holds a certificate course degree in Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Framework organized by the National Institute of Disaster Management, New Delhi in collaboration with World Bank Institute, Washington.

Dr. Nochiketa Mohanty is a public health specialist a graduate in MPH and MBA from the University of Alabama, USA. He worked as Project Coordinator for India for an AHF India Cares for over three years heading the treatment program and managing various activities of the organization including Testing initiative and campaigns. He headed TB RNTCP program for the Catholic Bishop Conference in West Bengal.

Dr. Vandana Kumar, a medical graduate from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi with Master’s Degree, MBA in Healthcare Management from faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University in 2005. Dr. Vandana has over ten years of work experience with prestigious private hospitals in Delhi before her foray into public health. She worked on several national and international public health projects at the Confederation of Indian Industry, India Development Foundation and as an independent health consultant. She is a visiting faculty at the International Institute of Health Management Research, New Delhi. She is on the Advisory Board of PinkCRM a Health IT company. Her primary areas of interest include quality in health, use of technology in healthcare, and designing and piloting innovative solutions for public health.

Srinivasa Reddy N, a postgraduate from S.V.University, Tirupathi completed M.Sc., Physical Anthropology with specialization in Population Genetics and Demography. He is a professional a highly qualified technical specialist in Health Systems and Health Policy Research. He has over ten years of experience design and analyzing qualitative and quantitative research projects and evaluation of health projects. He worked with numerous National and International Organization as Consultants for research studies which include International HIVAIDS Alliance India, CORD - M, FHI, EMRI, Institute of Health Systems. He is well versed in Epi-Info, Epi Data, SPSS, Strata, SAS, and Atlas and other research tools. He worked as M&E specialist for an NGO delivering GFATM Round 9 HIV IDU program in India.