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AIDS Care Physicians Alliance
The Touch of Hope Foundation's initiative ACPA is to bring together highly qualified, dedicated primary care physicians, AIDS Specialists to create a consortium of caring and concern healthcare providers bonded by their compassion to serve people living with HIV and their families.

The Touch of Hope Foundation’s initiative, AIDS Care Physicians Alliance (ACPA) has been established to meet the unique challenges facing dedicated and caring Physicians involved in the practice of medicine in India. Our focus is to collaborate and share best practices for the management and treatment of HIVAIDS patients. ACPA endeavors to provide a forum so that Physicians can network, share technical and clinical experiences. Today’s net-based connection provides a way for Physicians to participate in case discussions, and effective management of complicated HIV cases in India and the Asia Pacific region from your home or office. ACPA will bring together and battle improper prescription, un-ethical practices, removed complacency and advances the commitment to battle HIVAIDS epidemic.

The Alliance strives to provide excellence in HIVAIDS medicine, care and support, consultations, and be a strong advocate for equitable access to quality HIV prevention, care, and treatment services worldwide. ACPA will advance HIVAIDS education for healthcare providers, and support the advocacy and fight for Universal Access to treatment, care and support, HIV prevention.

If you are a physician involved in the treatment and care of people with HIVAIDS and want to network with other specialists working in the field, kindly register with ACPA:

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