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The Touch of Hope Foundation (THF) was founded and established to respond to an overwhelming crisis in 1993 to provide compassionate, humanitarian services to stigmatized, discriminated, underserved and unserved people during the early years of the HIV epidemic.

The Touch of Hope Foundation (THF), conceived in 1993 during the early days of the HIVAIDS epidemic in India as a humanitarian response to the myriad needs faced by people infected and affected by the epidemic as well as those marginalized and vulnerable in the community. The founder envisioned delivering high quality compassionate healthcare services Compassion in Action, that included clinical, medical care, nursing services, counseling, home visits and outreach services. The Founder initially focused on providing medical care and rehabilitation services, home visits for IV Drug User population infected with HIV. The foundation broadened its scope of services to other groups infected and affected by HIVAIDS and other infectious diseases. Serving the healthcare needs of the underserved, the unsereved and the poor, especially women and children has become a primary focus of the organization. Building and strengthening the skills and capabilities of individuals and organizations within the community through education and training programs developed and implemented by the THF has enhanced the lives of many. The foundation provides technical support and assistance to local and national organizations; professionals and individuals, educational programs and self help activities. We believe in a holistic approach to ensure availability of comprehensive care services delivered with compassion and caring for each individual.
THF creates an environment for positive change. The foundation strongly embraces youth empowerment and active peoples’ participation to secure and achieve its commitments. THF passionately advocates for all individuals to thrive and build s hope for a better today and tomorrow.

THF firmly believes in establishing networks, linkages and strong partnerships to strengthen the impact of its efforts and work in tandem with organizations that value and share common interest of making community change.  We work with grassroots organizations that are passionately committed to the development of strong, empowered, healthy communities and responsible citizens. Walking the road less travelled by working for the underserved or served over the years and giving a voice to the voiceless from helping patients, families, advocacy drives in the community that extends beyond borders to other states.

THF deliver services with compassion and loving kindness to those in need and strive ceaselessly to rejuvenate the belief that hope is alive, and demonstrate the existence of true, pure selflessness people who desire real change and care for the welfare of humanity. THF is an oasis, a retreat, a provider of compassionate services, a safe haven for learning, building social and life skills that guarantee bright future, bringing hope amidst despair.