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We believe in working together and understand the power and strength of partnerships. Working with partners enables us to be much stronger and help us achieve greater success in the humanitarian services, which we are deeply committed to make a difference in peoples lives. We as partners can do greater things with bigger impact in peoples lives. Partner with us to and let us bring smiles, health, healing and hope.

Be a partner to make life changing experiences together:

Corporate Sponsorship: Your Company can become a very important partner in serving the community in most need. We need your generous corporate commitment to donations, sponsorships to help us continue our life saving services. We will list your company, its logo in our annual reports, newsletters, spotlights on our websites, highlights on our emails, social media events, special events of the Foundation and increase visibility of your company.

Fund a Project: You can fund a project and take action directly to ensure that community we serve to help meet basic healthcare services, bare necessities such as food, education, income build a life that is better and life changing. You can do this by choosing a project and help to fund the project of your choice. Your contribution will enable us to work closely with the community and help them receive better quality of life. You can visit the project sites, interact with the people your gift help serve, see the progress of the projects and get regular updates of the programs and stories of people you help make that change.

Support HIVAIDS Project: Your gift to The Touch of Hope Foundation HIVAIDS programs funds life-sustaining programs and services for people living with HIVAIDS. Through your generous gifts THF will provide testing, counseling, support groups, home based care, hands on training, medical care and opportunistic infection management, awareness, prevention and more.

Gifts-in-Kind: You can partner with us by donations of products, computers, equipment’s, stationeries, school uniforms, bags, textbooks, notebooks and gift items for children. Your generous contributions will help us expand our programs to help reach out to more people through our educations, home based care and other community services.

Hope Mobile Van: You can sponsor a mobile Van, which will be a boon for the community we serve. We will use its services for home-based care visits, community out-reach, conducting medical camps as mobile clinic. Your company logo will be emblazoned on the mobile Van and we will display your company brand as it move around bearing services for the community.

Tribute Gifts: Honorary or memorial gift to keep the memories of loved ones alive on special occasions and help make an important changes in others life is an excellent way to help the work we do. You can give in a meaningful way to honor family, loved ones and friends to help remember them on special occasions. We will acknowledge your contributions, have an embossed plaque and signature plate with the name of loved one being honored by your gift.

The Elite Hope Givers Club: You can take up a larger role as a member of the Elite Hope Givers Clun by making a special commitment to our work. You will receive personal updates, reports of the Foundation. Membership to this Elite Hope Givers Club will start at 50000 a year.

Workplace Giving: There are a variety of ways to support from your office. Many companies have implemented workplace giving campaigns where employees can choose the non-profit organizations they want to support. When you select us you are a part and parcel of a group of compassionate givers that made a difference in many peoples lives, changing them and giving them hope. Giving however small an amount makes a huge difference in someone’s life.